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Michael D. Blostein

Low Brass Player

Mr. Blostein is one of the most in-demand tuba and bass trombone players in the Albany area.

He has performed with the Berkshire Symphony, Heavy Metal Brass Quintet (Tucson); he is currently an active performer with the Dominant Five Brass Quintet (Albany), Georgie Wonders Orchestra, Brass-O-Mania Big Band and Capital Brass (Albany).

In addition, Mr. Blostein has taught adult education courses for new music teachers, has taught tuba techniques/methods classes and private lessons at the college level, and has been an active freelance performer.

Many of Mr. Blostein's compositions are also focused on the tuba, which is an often under-utilized instrument in both solo literature as well as in orchestral and band music. His musical goal is not just to emphasize the instrument's capabilities, but also to encourage improved use of the instrument through various new musical combinations of instrumental timbres.


Resources for tuba players

  Low Brass Presentation Powerpoint (CASDA Conference 10/23/2014)
  Handout from Low Brass Presentation (CASDA Conference 10/23/2014)
  Traditional Fingering Chart
  Fingering Chart indicating pitch tendencies on a basic level (for the early to intermediate player/teacher)

The New Tuba Player's Manual

This is an invaluable resource for those who are either switching students to the tuba or euphonium, or who are not tuba players but need an easy to understand reference. Includes switching exercises, seven easy duets geared to those who can already read music, inclusive problem solving chart, pointers to help with instruction, and everything you need to be successful teaching or learning this challenging instrument. I've included odd pages online - if interested in the entire book, please contact me regarding purchasing a copy ($20 + shipping).


Tuba Starter Exercises

Designed to help students, switching from another instrument, get moving quickly.

  Articulation Duet - Lower Intermediate Level
  Lip Slur Duet - Lower Intermediate Level

Tuba Warm-Up Routine

This is the routine I follow, and have my students follow. A compilation of many different tuba player's methods, not mine original work. In six different levels, designed to correspond to the levels within the NYSSMA system of solos.


Euphonium Warm-Up Routine

This is the tuba routine above, but transposed up an octave.