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Recommended Links

This page contains links to various webpages and online stores which I recommend, either based upon personal knowledge or recommendation from a trusted source.

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Composition Music (General) Percussion Theory Tuba
Ensembles       Woodwind


Dillon Music - Great resource in NJ for all things brass. Very knowledgable staff, and they have many items that are challenging to find anywhere else.

Ultra Pure Oils - A valve oil more common for trumpet, but worth checking out


The American Music Center (AMC) - great resource for what is happening in music today.

A.S.C.A.P. - the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (of which I am a proud member).


The Delmar Community Orchestra - I conduct the fall season

The Albany Symphony Orchestra

The Schenectady Symphony Orchestra

New York Philharmonic

Boston Symphony

Apocalyptica - Cello Quartet

Music Education

NYSSMA (The New York State School Music Association)

NAfME (The National Association for Music Education)

Music (General)

Audacity - great recording/editing software, and it's free!

The Albany Musician's Union

IMSLP - Public Domain Sheet Music

John Keal Music - local store in Albany. Repairs, instruments, accessories. They have a representative come to the school district every Wednesday.

A Violin Shop - this is the shop in Schenectady that does a lot of good-quality work, and sells high-quality instruments, etc...

Francis Morris - Luthier in Great Barrington, Massachussetts - comes to Albany on Tuesday evenings. Very talented, very nice guy as well. High quality instruments, even the smaller sizes, at fair prices...

Deb Segel - has a shop in downtown Troy (44  3rd Street, Troy, NY 12180) (266-9732) - close, very accomodating, great place to stop by!

Northeast Music - local store in Latham, right off of Exit 6. Repairs, instruments, accessories. They have a representative come to the school district every Thursday.

JW Pepper - Sheet Music (all types) Stanton's Sheet Music

Music and Arts - Online retailer for instruments and accessories


Musescore - Free notation software!!!Free!!!!

Make Music - this is the company that puts out Finale, which I use exclusively and the school has copies of (Finale 2005 - they have newer versions)


Steve Weiss Music


MostlyBass.com - maintained by a colleague in the Chicago area. Highly recommended for bass players and non bass players alike.

Shar Music - sheet music, instruments, and accessories

Southwest Strings - sheet music, instruments, and accessories

Luck's - Sheet Music (only strings)

Sullivan Violins - out of Rochester. Ship throughout the world - even rentals!

The International Society of Bassists

The Internet Cello Society

Suretone Shoulder Rest - for those looking for something more padded than a Kun, but with more stability than the sponge...this is a possiblity (not an endorsement)

The Double Trolley - this is a stool and trolley to use with the double bass...

Michael Watson - string info, double bassist

Yale Library - Fiddling tips and tricks

Strings Magazine

Music Theory

MusicTheory.net - free online lessons

good-ear.com - free online ear training

Bigears - free online ear training


The Internet Music Theory Database - online resource of print materials

Music Theory Web

E Music Theory

The Musical Interval Tutor

Forte - Music Notation Software. I use Finale personally, but this may be worth checking out.


International Trombone Association

Online Trombone Journal

Doug Yeo's Website


I.T.E.A. - the International Tuba-Euphonium Association (formerly T.U.B.A.) - the official organization of all things tuba and euphonium

TubaNews - this is an online tuba magazine - definitely worth some time.

Tuba Christmas

TubeNet - all things tuba!


Cole's Woodwind Shop - excellent resource for repairs and insight. Located in Saratoga Springs.

Clarinet Pages

Flute World

The National Flute Association

International Clarinet Association

International Double Reed Society


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